carbohydrate metabolism

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car·bo·hy·drate me·tab·o·lism

oxidation, breakdown, and synthesis of carbohydrates in the tissues.
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carbohydrate metabolism

A general term for any metabolic activity—e.g., breakdown of starches and sugars into smaller units—to be used for energy, or the storage of same in polymeric units—e.g., glycogen storage.
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It is evident from the results that the liver is organ which is most affected as site of carbohydrate metabolism. It is also the first organ to receive molecule carried through portal circulation.
Effects of differential air and soil temperature on carbohydrate metabolism in creeping bentgrass.
The effect of ageing on carbohydrate metabolism: a review of the English literature and a practical approach to the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus in the elderly.
In this study, skin tags (acrochordons) were the most common manifestations reported in 17.7% of the patients whereas other studies reported 3.7%,12 32%,10 and 40.9%.13 High insulin levels stimulate keratinocyte proliferation, resulting in the growth of these lesions, and acrochordons may be a cutaneous marker for impaired carbohydrate metabolism.14 Xerosis was second most common disorder associated with diabetes seen in 13.7% in our study.
Changes in activities of hepatic enzymes related to carbohydrate metabolism of fishes in glucose and insulin-glucose tolerance tests.
KEY WORDS: Growth hormone Turner syndrome Carbohydrate metabolism Lipid metabolism Protein metabolism.
Magnesium also plays very important role in synthesis of chlorophyll and consequently in photosynthesis and carbohydrate metabolism (Devlin and Witham 1983; Kandhasamy et al.,2010).
There were observable changes in vitamin and carbohydrate metabolism, protein and amino acid function, as well as lipid metabolism.
There are data that suggest males and females place different priorities on lipid and carbohydrate metabolism during exercise.
The interrelationships between magnesium and carbohydrate metabolism have regained considerable interest over the last few years (1).

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