Former spelling of carbamoylation.
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Therefore, we investigated the three-step carbamylation reaction of diethylene triamine (DA) with urea in pyridine, n-butanol, and pentanols and also using polar cosolvent additions to find an efficient synthesis procedure of D, aiming at one that can be scaled up for industrial production.
Carbamtes cause carbamylation of important serine residues on the AChE molecule but in a reversible manner (Colovic et al., 2013; Gupta, 2006).
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It is known that urea at the concentration seen in patients with CRF can increase carbamylation of intracellular proteins (9).
In CKD, high blood urea concentrations result in increased protein carbamylation where isocyanic acid is attached covalently to arginine or lysine residues.
Homocitrulline is formed by the carbamylation of lysine residues and results in loss of the biological activity of lysine [26].
The three PTMs primarily involved in rheumatoid arthritis are glycosylation, carbamylation, and citrullination [25].
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Factors determining hemoglobin carbamylation in renal failure.
In CKD patients there is a relative increase in IDL (intermediate density lipoproteins) and small dense LDL (sdLDL) particles which undergo further modifications like glycation, oxidation and carbamylation, making them highly atherogenic.