Transfer of the carbamoyl from a carbamoyl-containing molecule (for example, carbamoyl phosphate) to an acceptor moiety such as an amino group; the second step in the urea cycle is a carbamoylation.
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This result indicated that malthion and carbofuran are selective inhibitors with greater affinity to bind with the active site of ChE through the process of phosphorylation and carbamoylation that block the metabolisation of substrate (Boublik et al., 2002; Stojan et al., 2008).
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In general, cellulose has been first functionalized by aryl carbamoylation or acylation, and the as-synthesized derivatives have been then coated or covalently immobilized on the silica gel to obtain the chiral separation materials [9, 10].
Because there are no small molecule produced during carbamoylation, the increment in the weight for the composite particles should be attributable to the introduction of 3,5-dimethylphenyl isocyanate after reaction.
Two terms are used in literature to describe this reaction: carbamoylation and carbamylation.
Carbamoylation of amino acids and proteins in uremia.
Carbamoylation of Cu, Zn-superoxide dismutase by cyanate.
Various modifications to this basic structure occur such as by methylation, acetylation, carbamoylation, or sulfation of both reducing and nonreducing termini (Stacey et al., 1995; Spaink et al., 1995).
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