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the radical NH2CO–.
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The acyl radical, NH2-CO-, the transfer of which plays an important role in certain biochemical reactions, for example, in the urea cycle, via carbamoyl phosphate.
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The acyl radical, NH2-CO-, the transfer of which plays an important role in certain biochemical reactions.
Synonym(s): carbamyl.
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Protein Ratio Fold Main biological change process Histone 4 0.26 3.85 Gene uptake Histone 2B 0.57 1.77 Putative 0.45 2.23 Carbohydrate hexokinase metabolism (HKDC1) Hexokinase I 0.66 1.52 (HXKI) Lamin A/C 0.15 6.8 Chromatin organization Carbamoyl 0.52 1.92 Protein metabolism phosphate 1 78 kDa glucose- 1.27 1.27 Regulator of the regulated unfolded protein protein response, apoptosis precursor Mortalin 1.75 1.75 Apoptosis
Schiff base 2,5-bis((4-bromophenyl) carbamoyl)terephthalic acid was found less active than its metal complexes.
All the natural phospho-donors (acetyl phosphate, carbamoyl phosphate, phosphoramidate, and monophosphoimidazole) bind to active site with binding energy ranging from -3.32 to -3.93 kcal/mol and inhibition constant from 1.31 mM to 3.67 mM (Table 1).
Jamie, from Cumbria, was being treated for several weeks at Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary late last year for a rare, life-threatening metabolic disorder, ornithine carbamoyl transferase deficiency.
The first of these is the synthesis of carbamoyl phosphate, which is in a pathway originating in 2-oxoglutarate.
TSK-GEL Amide-80 columns are packed with spherical silica particles that are covalently bonded with carbamoyl groups.
Mr I Ahmed, outline for three detached houses, off Croft Gardens, Birkby; Arch UK Biocides, hazardous substances consent for storing and using dimethyl carbamoyl chloride, Leeds Road, Huddersfield; Merseybank, advertising hoarding (in conservation area), 53 Norman Road, Birkby; Brierstone Properties, one house and two flats, plots 15, 17 and 18, off Woodhead Road/Burnlee Road, Burnlee.
Some regulatory properties of pea leaf carbamoyl phosphate synthetase.
The reaction proceeds through several intermediates, including carbamoyl chlorides and amine hydrochlorides.
Reye-like syndrome associated with use of insect repellent in a presumed heterozygote for ornithine carbamoyl transferase deficiency.