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n. Informal
A carbohydrate.


abbreviation for carbonate.

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Q. Can eating carbs help you lose weight?

A. nope- they do just the opposite. carbohydrates are a compound sugar. there are diets that use only carbs, diets that use non but in the end- they are just unhealthy.

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Although healthy carbs provide valuable nutrients, they also provide calories, and too many calories from any source can promote weight gain.
Yet, the focus should be not on just lowering carbs, but also eating the right kinds.
As part of your carb allowance, include one of these: 1 orange (11g of net carbs), 1 kiwi fruit (5g net carbs), ' grapefruit (6g net carbs), handful berries (5g net carbs), 1 plum (4g net carbs), 1 apricot (5g net carbs)
For example, the CARB plan quantifies health impacts of shipping containers as they enter or leave an international facility, while neglecting to assess pollution impacts of containers traveling inland to distribution centers.
Consumers need more education about lower carbs in spirits.
Stick to well-rounded meals that include proteins, like chicken, fish, meat or beans, along with good fats, like olive oil, and good carbs, such as veggies, fruits, and whole-grain breads and pasta.
ADA is in the process of updating their position statement on carbs (due to be published this fall) and will acknowledge that the type, as well as the quantity of carbs, should be taken into account when considering carb content," says Witwer.
This research provides a unique look into the low carb phenomenon, while showing that manufacturers and retailers continue to have a major opportunity to serve the carb-conscious consumer," says David Shanker, division president, client solutions for IRI.
Too often (as in the article), those who simply cut out junk food, which includes processed sugars and flours, refer to it as "cutting carbs," when in reality they're doing nothing but "cutting junk food.
DAB Low Carb recently won a taste test conducted by Time Out New York magazine in its June 10 edition.