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n. Informal
A carbohydrate.
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Q. Can eating carbs help you lose weight?

A. nope- they do just the opposite. carbohydrates are a compound sugar. there are diets that use only carbs, diets that use non but in the end- they are just unhealthy.

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As you increase carbs, this marker predictably goes up," Volek indicates.
At the public hearing, several stakeholders, including a representative from the Los Angeles Painters Union, expressed concerns over possible fire threats associated with certain paint thinners, and, along with ACA, urged CARB to gather more technical assessment data.
Here's a selection of the unprocessed carbs you can eat on the plan, plus their net carb count
In essence, the petitioners asked the EPA to adopt the CARB rule as a national standard and to extend the rule to include composite wood products in manufactured homes.
CARB officials have sought peer review of their estimates of health impacts, and have identified areas in health assessment analysis that need revision.
"These heavy-duty diesel engines sold across the United States were equipped with emission control systems with defeat devices that allowed excess emissions of smog-forming oxides of nitrogen (NOx)," said CARB. "The investigation revealed that since the early 1990s, the manufacturers used electronic timing devices that cause the engines to perform one way when being tested for compliance and another under actual highway conditions.
This Atkins-inspired, one-time craze leaves behind a legacy--a sizable group of people who remain committed to consuming fewer carbs. This translates into a niche profit opportunity for retailers and suppliers.
1) only carbs are stored in the muscles as glycogen and;
Instead, it leaves behind a legacy--a sizable group of people who remain committed to consuming fewer carbs. Operators must continue to cater to them from now on--which means ongoing opportunity, especially for wine, spirits and beer sales.
Only the peanut and the caramel clusters even mention the word "carb" on their labels, which include the phrase "No Sugar Carbs," and that's by design, according to O'Brien.
Quick & Healthy Low-Fat, Carb Conscious Cooking