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A trial comparing immediate and late Rotablator results using either large burrs for maximum debulking (debulking strategy) or small burrs to modify lesion compliance (modification strategy).
Primary endpoints
Major acute coronary events (MACE) at 6 months.
Lesion modification with small burrs achieves similar immediate lumen enlargement and late target-vessel revascularisation as aggressive debulking, with fewer angiographic complications.


n a standard of fineness of gold, 24 carats being taken as expressing absolute purity.
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As Figure 1 illustrates, there are considerably fewer diamonds available for sale on the low side of focal point carat weights than on the high side.
Sankar has honed his digital skills with top-tier consumer brands and is for us a deep, strategic asset," said Andrew Hoeberichts, SVP, General Manager, Carat San Francisco.
Prior to launching Carat Interactive, Sarah served as Managing Director of Carat Business and Technology for six years.
View Images: 169 Carat Heart-Shaped Pink Emerald at Link Below: http://www.
Carat Fusion will begin testing the Click Forensics service on a variety of campaigns in order to provide its search marketing team with detailed reports that highlight potentially fraudulent and unwanted click activity.
According to Trans Hex, the company sold 5 single rough diamonds for an average price of more than $10,000 per carat and 2 rough diamonds from Baken Mine for over $40,000 per carat.
Ashton" or the "Corporation") (TSX:ACA) is pleased to report an estimated diamond content of 114 carats per hundred tonnes ("cpht") for 12.
The final grade results, the total available gravel volumes, and the average per carat value of the diamonds are yet to be determined.
Certified by the Gemological Institute of America, the drop earrings are a total carat weight of 8.
98 carat per tonne averaging $68 (US) per carat and a smaller parcel of 42.
5 carats, with a significant portion of stones falling in the one to three carat range, with the average stone size 1.