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(1) Coronary Angiography through the RAdial or FEmoral Approach. A trial comparing transradial and transfemoral approaches for coronary angiography (CA)
Primary endpoints In-hospital morbidity
Conclusion Transradial CA can be highly successful with few complications and good angiographic quality; it takes a bit longer, but permits earlier ambulation and discharge
(2) Cocktail Attenuation of Rotational Ablation Flow Effects study. A pilot study to see if the periprocedural complications of microvascular-mediated ischemia (slow flow or no reflow) and coronary vasospasm often associated with rotational ablation could be reduced, using a drug cocktail of verapamil, nitroglycerin, and heparin; 27 lesions were treated with a procedural success rate of 95%. Transient AV block is frequent, especially when treating RCA and circumflex arteries; therefore, prophylactic pacing is indicated
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Taking traditional objects such as the carafe or the low-slung Oriental brass coffee table as their starting point, the pair has transposed them into shiny brass, sleek glass and leather -- materials perfectly at home amid the streamlined, polished contemporary furniture by today's globally recognized names.
When you took the carafe out, it had the bubble pop wrapping and it looked great.
The news was welcomed by Paul Davidson, head of sector specialists at WRAP, who confirmed PET carafes would be more recyclable than cartons.
We were really enchanted by the quartino during our travels to Italy," says George Elkins, managing director at Mangia Hospitality Group, owner of Gusto and Centro Vinoteca, referring to the small carafe that delivers a glass and a half of wine.
You want a carafe shape and blade design that work together to form a vortex, which will pull what's in the blender downward toward the blade assembly to generate the best possible blending.
The price of a replacement carafe appears disproportionate to the consumer," he said.
Undersink systems such as the Kenmore 38460 ($80) have filters that can last twice as long as carafe or faucet-mounted units.
The carafes make an external heating unit unnecessary.
New formats require the purchase of new materials: tasting mats, carafes and the printing of cards or reprinting of menus, as well as training.
Sainsbury delisted the Minute Maid carafes last month, but the drink will continue to be sold in Asda and Tesco.
org); for more lead-reducing water filters, including Brita carafes, see thegreenguide.
Creamers, thermal carafes, cups and saucers, utensils, French press, frothing pitchers, cream whippers.