head of femur

(redirected from caput ossis femoris)

head of fe·mur

the hemispheric articular surface at the upper extremity of the thigh bone.
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head of fe·mur

(hed fēmŭr) [TA]
Rounded projection at the proximal end of femur; articulates with the acetabulum
Synonym(s): caput femoris [TA] , caput ossis femoris, head of thigh bone.
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It was observed that caput ossis femoris was located more proximal than trochanter major.
Although it has been reported that caput ossis femoris was aligned with trochanter major in lynx (Atalar and Ozdemir, 2002; Dyce et al., 2002; Evans and Christensen, 1979; Getty, 1975; Gultekin and Ucar, 1980; Karan, 2012; Ozdemir and Atalar, 2003 ;Ozdemir and Karan, 2001; Dinc et al., 1999), ossis femoris was found located more in proximal part of trochanter major.

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