head of epididymis

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head of ep·i·did·y·mis

the upper and larger extremity of the epididymis.
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From the proximal and distal caput epididymis segments, the GPx5 protein was expressed by the epithelial cells, and immunostaining was not found in the cell nucleus.
However, the level of GPx5 transcription in the caput epididymis tissue was significantly higher than in corpus and cauda.
In the male reproductive tract, the caput epididymis, the structure where sperm matures, releases tiny vesicles packed with microRNA that can fuse with sperm to change its cargo delivered to the egg, they said.
(2012) found spermatic granuloma, cell debris, epithelial cell vacuolization and oligospermia in proximal caput epididymis of adult rats after treatment with 10 mg [kg.sup.-1] bw [day.sup.-1] of 3-MCPD for seven days.
The most common finding was agenesis of the caput epididymis, though partial or complete absence of the corpus epididymis and a case of epididymal edema were also observed.
The epididymis is separated into 4 different regions, initial segment (IS), caput epididymis, corpus epididymis, and caudal epididymis, depending upon their histological and functional characteristics (Figure 3A) (Ilio and Hess, 1994).
The embryologic origin of the caput epididymis in the rat.
The caput epididymis had a value of 20.05% of abnormal sperm cell, which is different significantly (p<0.5) from 15-80% of the caudal epididymis.
The caput epididymis has a significant higher mean value of 0.20% (p<0.05) of abnormal spermatozoa with small head, compared to the corpus 0.05% and cauda 0.00%.
The observed morphological changes, which spermatozoa undergo in the caput epididymis, are lower when compared to the reports of Oyeyemi et al.
In the caput epididymis of young animals the 0.32/1000 of cells were positive to the TUNEL (Figs 1 A, B), nevertheless in the caput of old animals there were 5.1/1000 (Fig 1 C).