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They team adapted a capture-recapture method, traditionally used in ecology to monitor species populations, to "tag" stem cells and compare them to the population of blood cells.
Objective: To assess the application of capture-recapture method as a potential strategy to estimate the incidence of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.
For striped hyena methods like questionnaire surveys, extrapolation, Lincoln index, identification of individuals and tracks, signs and vocalizations (Mills 1998) and capture-recapture method using photo camera trap (Karanth 1995) may be used.
extrapolation via multivariate indicator methods the nacda is seeking to update estimates from previous studies that used the capture-recapture method (nacd 2003; 2009) for calculating prevalence estimates in ireland.
Wildlife specialists explain spatial capture-recapture (SCR), also called spatially explicit capture-recapture (SECR), as a new approach that will revolutionize the century-old capture-recapture method of estimating the population density of wild animals.
Abuses of mathematical techniques in ecology: applications of Jolly's capture-recapture method. Oikos 40:155-158.
Estimating the number of HIV-infected injection drug users in Bangkok: a capture-recapture method. Am J Public Health.
The capture-recapture method of estimating the size of a target group provides the opportunity to obtain national estimates and thus determine the contribution of MSM to the burden of HIV in Nigeria.
The Prevalence Survey, Incidence study through capture-recapture method and Drug Prevalence Survey results should be out soon to outline the exact proportions of the burden.
The completeness of meningococcal disease reporting was estimated by the Sekar-Deming capture-recapture method (3) ([section]) (Table 2).
The first is the importance of animal sentinels and the second is the potential of the capture-recapture method (CRM) (also called the mark-recapture method) for determining the number of homes with lead-based paint.
Bird Population Determined Using Capture-Recapture Method Second Catch First In Out Catch (Second) (Second) Totals In 160 240 400 (First) Out 40 60 100 (First) Totals 200 300 500 Tenure Data for Sample Tenure Track Census Tenure Capture Owner Renter Totals In 20 25 45 Out 5 50 55 Totals 25 75 100 Appendix