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To enclose.
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Ritual activities, though not expressed with any conceptualization for the establishment of objectified subjects like ethics, politics, or education, are in fact capsulizing knowledge in these modern terms without abstraction.
Phelan performs valuable service in capsulizing some of the main themes and issues in these literatures.
Zafar concludes by capsulizing how these literary shifts promoted the emergence of the African-American authorial voice and the development of its distinct literary traditions.
"Power," in note 4 to the Introduction (15), for instance, is indeed one of the hardest Foucauldian concepts to define (and to teach); Brannigan does a good job capsulizing it, and emphasizes that the "discussion of power will appear throughout this volume." If I may repeat myself, what piques me about NHCM--and about all primer books that try to capture big theoretical achievements for new readerships--is the lack of emphasis on the fact that such terms, Foucauldian exempla especially, are themselves figurally laden, thick, occulted; thus my preference for White over Brannigan.