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To enclose.
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With Jackson's guidance, they worked through their differences last season and won a championship, capsulized in the moment that Bryant jumped into O'Neal's arms under a downpour of confetti at Staples Center.
The idea was to present four sections, labeled News, Money, Life and Sports, and to emphasize a prescribed quantity of information, often capsulized, but news nonetheless.
COMMENT: Duarte's capsulized summary of the oft-mentioned but seldom quoted document and the circumstances of its distribution overseas appear to be accurate.
What is contained in this presentation is a capsulized version of the Reid Technique.
we flick it on to hear a capsulized weather report, then leave it on when some crackpot talk show guest with anti-social or asocial conscience trips our trigger.
In its privately-owned 250,000 square foot facility, Protica manufactures capsulized foods, such as Profect and Proasis, in ready-to-drink form.
Zhang that capsulized the achievements Shanda Games has made in 12 years -- cumulatively a total of approximately 1.
That question was posed to forward Horace Grant by a female reporter from the Black Entertainment Television network and it capsulized the circus the Lakers will have to sidestep if there's going to be another ring presentation next year.
Earnings tracker is a capsulized look at recent financial postings by insurers, reinsurers and brokers.
As capsulized in the Stillwater report's executive summary: "The gasoline price spikes of 2012 are entirely explainable using publically available data, are consistent with competitive market behavior, and are inconsistent with the McCullough paper's contention that refiners may have agreed to allocate production targets in order to maintain higher prices.
He thought for one tenth of a second and then neatly capsulized the prevailing attitude about Candlestick.
In the end, the trial was best capsulized by two remarks by the plaintiff's attorney.