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To enclose.
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It would be extremely helpful, notes Siegel, if dioceses would voluntarily agree to public disclosure through use of IRS Form 990, which provides a clear, capsulized picture of an organization's finances.
Finally, the authors present a plan of action, as a capsulized approach to the diagnosis.
So strong, so new, so powerful was the modern logos--that horizon of intelligibility capsulized in the modern scientific revolution and the modern turn to the subject of (Rene) Descartes and (Immanuel) Kant and climaxing in the classic modern democratic revolutions and the emergence of modern historical consciousness--that no question could be allowed to be free of radical rethinking by so amazing a constellation of cultural strength and political-economic achievement united to equally amazing intellectual narrowness.
Win the day capsulized all those ideas into one idea.
This agenda is capsulized by science's shift from seeking the truth through "knowing why" (theoria) to wanting mere practical "know-how" (p.
Three separate podcasts are produced from the same report: A Cup of Health with CDC, featuring 5- to 8-minute interviews with authors or spokespersons; A Minute of Health with CDC, a 59-second capsulized version of a report; and Un Minuto de Salud con los CDC, the same version of the report translated into Spanish.
The prevailing paradigm confronted by Eley and Blackbourn--largely successfully, most would now concede--was the so-called Sonderweg thesis, capsulized by this volume's editors as "German exceptionalism," which saw Nazism as proof of the failed modernization or backwardness that shaped Germany's allegedly unique political development (p.
Sections point out the highlights and quality resorts in various different provinces, as well as the most effective means of travel, and offer capsulized background information on Argentina's land, flora, fauna, cultural landscape, environmental issues, history, economy, and more.
In fact, capsulized handling of book-length topics, e.
THE sorry future of leadership in California - and maybe the nation - might have been inadvertently capsulized recently by a Republican party strategist named Kevin Spillane.
It builds on the Continental tradition, capsulized in Weber's term "formal rationality," that deplores judicial discretion.