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To enclose.
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The plant can either be made as powder and capsulized or as simply dried, pounded and added with water and drink it like a tea, he said.
Of special merit, the capsulized history in Chapter 1, the list of European explorers, the map of the Missouri Compromise, and the outline of World War II at home and abroad provide starting places for classroom learning and GED preparation.
Beyond the feature well--which also contains the 2013 edition of TCG's much-anticipated fiscal survey Theatre Facts, capsulized by reporter Celia Wren (page 36)--there's coverage of enterprising projects being undertaken by such notables as Gingold Theatricals' David Staller, the actor/director who enlists a gallery of stars to keep the work of George Bernard Shaw alive and kicking (page 56); and George C.
The packets transmitted to LMA are capsulized through the MAG that the mobile device accesses so that they can be transmitted to the MN.
The tables scattered in most chapters are good memory aids as they show capsulized information about reference resources.
While piling the blame for unemployment on the government, society at large, the private sector, civil society organizations, and the media, Sheikh Muhammad referred to the root causes of unemployment among Kuwaitis, which he capsulized in the lack of job opportunities in the private sector, voluntary shunning of certain jobs, the incompatibility of a job seeker's educational qualifications with the requirements of available jobs, and the low aptitude and lack of skills of many job seekers.
The ideas offered by this book are capsulized in a summary of 9 principles of journalism (http://www.
In the years following Vatican II, Catholic peacemaking was focused on the defense of human rights and the promotion of justice, especially for the poor, capsulized in the famous phrase of Paul VI, "Development is the new name for peace." (100) During the 1990's, the incompleteness of both concepts--the Mennonite one of conflict-resolution and the Catholic one of promoting human rights and justice--as well as their complementarity became clearer.
It would be extremely helpful, notes Siegel, if dioceses would voluntarily agree to public disclosure through use of IRS Form 990, which provides a clear, capsulized picture of an organization's finances.
Finally, the authors present a plan of action, as a capsulized approach to the diagnosis.
(10) David Tracy explains this: So strong, so new, so powerful was the modern logos--that horizon of intelligibility capsulized in the modern scientific revolution and the modern turn to the subject of (Rene) Descartes and (Immanuel) Kant and climaxing in the classic modern democratic revolutions and the emergence of modern historical consciousness--that no question could be allowed to be free of radical rethinking by so amazing a constellation of cultural strength and political-economic achievement united to equally amazing intellectual narrowness.
"Win the day capsulized all those ideas into one idea.