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(kăp′sə-lāt′, -lĭt, -syo͝o-) also


Enclosed in or formed into a capsule.

cap′su·la′tion n.
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Capsulated Haemophilus influenzae and respiratory tract disease.
MACROSCOPY FINDING: The specimen was globular, well capsulated mass of 3x2x1 cm in diameter which was soft, cystic in nature.
(7-8) Histologically, Glomangiomas are less well circumscribed (not capsulated) and less solid appearing than their solitary counterparts.
They are nonmotile (except E gallinarum and E casseliflavus), non capsulated organism nonhemolytic usually but sometimes show alpha or beta hemolysis (1,2).
Ultrasound features are well defined predominantly hypoechoic or isoechoic capsulated solid mass lesion arising from tail or head of epididymis.
GROSS: (Fig: 1) The specimen was a soft tissue mass, along with coccyx measuring 7 X 6 X 4 cm, soft to firm in consistency and well capsulated. Cut section showed unilocular cyst.
External surface: Capsulated Globular, sold, firm mass.
Capsulated or true lipomas are easy to diagnose when compared to pseudolipoma.
On cut section, it was capsulated, lobulated grey brown to grey white with areas of haemorrhages.
On gross examination, it was a well capsulated mass with congested vessels on surface.
He also gave a detailed account of the subjects on which the Dashboard will have capsulated information in a user-friendly interface that includes defence projects under 'Make in India', startups in the defence sector, investments in defence corridors in Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu and artificial intelligence projects in defence.
Grossly, the tumor was well capsulated, soft consistence, and covered with multiple vessels [Figure 3].