capsular bag

'bag', capsular 

A sack-like structure remaining within the eye following extracapsular cataract extraction or phacoemulsification. The implanted intraocular lens is placed within this structure to recreate the usual phakic state. See cataract extraction; intraocular lens; phacoemulsification.
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AutonoMe is the first-and-only automated, disposable, pre-loaded IOL delivery system that allows exact delivery of the IOL into the capsular bag in patients undergoing cataract surgery.
Once these lenses are in place, there is no visual deterioration over time but occasionally the capsular bag which the plastic lens sits in becomes cloudy, requiring a simple laser treatment to clear it which can be performed in the clinic setting.
Hence, the biocompatibility of intraocular lens materials is assessed in terms of uveal biocompatibility, based on the inflammatory foreign-body reaction of the eye against the implant, and in terms of capsular biocompatibility, determined by the relationship of the intraocular lens with residual lens epithelial cells within the capsular bag.
The IMT is placed within the capsular bag following cataract surgery and protrudes forward into the anterior chamber.
4] Both the ciliary sulcus and the capsular bag are possible sites for implantation of a lens implant following a cataract surgery.
The lens capsular bag and anterior chamber were re-inflated with Visilon (e) to restore the anterior chamber.
The lenses must be preloaded into the injector, the one piece type for implantation in the capsular bag.
Corynebacterium minutissimum endophthalmitis: management with antibiotic irrigation of the capsular bag.
The main reason for development of PCO is transformation of residual lens epithelial cells from the equatorial region of the capsular bag into Elschnig pearls and fibroblasts6.
PCIOL implantation in capsular bag has good results.
A gentle hydrodissection was performed to loosen the attachments of the nucleus to the capsular bag.