capric acid

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capric acid

/cap·ric ac·id/ (kap´rik) a saturated ten-carbon fatty acid, occurring as a minor constituent in many fats and oils.

capric acid (CH3[CH2]8COOH)

Etymology: L, caper, goat
a white crystalline carboxylic acid with a rancid odor, occurring as a glyceride in natural oils. Capric acid is used in the production of perfumes, flavors, wetting agents, and food additives. Also called decanoic acid.

capric acid, n-capric acid

a 10-carbon fatty acid that occurs in butter. Called also decanoic acid.
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Our results also showed a strong negative linear relationship between capric acid percentage and average daily air temperature during September ([T.
Sowing date had no effect on capric acid in dryland cuphea either year.
To summarize fatty acid results, capric acid was the primary fatty acid, and its concentration was higher in northern than southern sites.
The particular nut has lower caprylic and higher capric acids in its kernel oil than the coconut, while both nuts contain similar amounts of palmitic and linoleic acids in their kernel oil extracts.
VL186 is segregating for CPR-1, a mutation that increases caprylic and decreases capric acid concentration (2).
Synthetic MCTs are manufactured from caprylic and capric acid produced by fractionating coconut and palm kernel oils (triglycerides).
Capric acid phenotypic distributions were produced for each [F.
t-Statistics (t) were used to test for differences between mean caprylic or capric acid contents of phenotypic (capric acid) classes within or between populations (Sokal and Rohlf, 1981).
The supplementation with calcium salts of palm oil fatty acid reduced the proportion of caproic, caprylic and capric acids and significantly (p<0.
MCT is medium chain triglyceride; it is composed of caprylic and capric acids, he explained.