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An unethical attorney or physician who orchestrates pseudo-MVAs/RTAs to collect money from insurance companies
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The Cappers distributed flyers and business cards in predominantly Hispanic neighborhoods, businesses, swap meets, and the U.
The Cappers published advertisements in Spanish-language publications and used misleading websites offering legal services, including iwantmylawyernow.
Zalkin introduces at Interpack the new TM300 FILLCAPP, a single-head stand-alone capper with integrated filling capabilities that can fill and cap up to 30 containers per minute (CPM) and up to 60 CPM for two-station models.
Swan-Matic specializes in handheld and bench-top cappers for small to mid-size production runs.
Oxfordshire author Peter King on the growth of cappers in Coventry in his book, The Mystery of the Coventry Cappers (Continuum, pounds 19.
When he died in 1996, he left a bequest to the guild which his nephew Robert, the present Lord Iliffe, has used to publish the new history, entitled: The Mystery of the Coventry Cappers.
A variety of handheld and bench-top cappers make up this product line along with aluminum driver shells and renewable inserts.
Most importantly, we've improved the overall safety and consistency of the capper.
While bench-top cappers remain a solid choice for most, many customers can benefit from handheld cappers.
The C400 series of bench top cappers are hazardous location, single cycle cappers which use air controllers to energize an air clutch and brake system in order to cycle the cappers on and off.
com)-- Swan-Matic, a bottle capping equipment manufacturer is now offering a hazardous location capper featuring Noltron's model 4480 anti-tie down monitor paired with dual Killark palm buttons.
Social Capper socializes handicapping allowing anyone to come to the site and place a sports pick on any sports in the world.