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Cystotomy and capitonnage are the standard treatments for typical hydatid disease.
Total excision consists of either wedge resection or partial nephrectomy and partial excision includes partial pericystectomy followed by capitonnage, re-approximation of the pericyst or marsupialization.
De ser asi, habria siempre experiencia de superficie, si la entendemos como el comodin estructural de una simbolizacion cuyo campo de accion alcanza por capitonnage antes incluso de enfrentarse a aquello por simbolizar, porque mirar es ya simbolizar: en el hacer imagenes se experimentaria ya la naturaleza de la superficie cuya experiencia genuina se persigue, porque la superficie es la materia prima inexperimentable de lo que si es susceptible de experiencia.
El capitonnage ideologico efectuado mediante un punto nodal semiotico tiene que sostenerse mediante su anudamiento en el nivel afectivo de la jouissance para afianzarse" (Stravakakis, 2010: 42).
Methods of surgical therapy in pulmonary hydatid disease: is capitonnage advantageous?
Surgery was done at SKIMS and involved enucleation of the cyst with capitonnage of the cavity.
Effect of capitonnage and cystotomy on outcome of childhood pulmonary hydatid cysts.
Capitonnage (liquidation) of the cavity was performed depending on the cyst configuration and volume.
Thus, Micaela Janan has shown how Plato's Symposium and Phaedrus anticipate Lacan's concept of capitonnage or quilting, (13) and how the metaphoric logic behind Irigaray's post-Lacanian concept of a "mechanics of fluids" would have been familiar to the Pythagoreans.
Skin Staples Skin Suturing Cholecystectomy 6 4 Cystogastrostomy 4 0 Intestinal Resection and 12 6 anastomosis Intussusception reduction 2 0 Appendectomy 10 22 Hydatid capitonnage 2 2 Splenectonomy 2 2 Anatomical repair of 6 8 umbilical hernia Adhesiosn release 4 4 Mesh repair of 2 2 Incisional hernia
4) Operative methods include classical surgical techniques (total or subtotal cyst-pericystectomy, capsulorraphy, capitonnage, omentoplasty); minimally invasive techniques, such as laparoscopic or robotic procedures; and other treatment modalities such as PAIR with scolicidal solutions.