capital punishment

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Capital punishment is legal in 36 states of the US and is used for certain crimes, usually homicides

capital punishment

Sentencing a criminal to death and carrying out the sentence via a legal method such as hanging, electrocution, or lethal injection.

Patient care

Whether or not to participate in capital punishment raises challenging ethical concerns for health care professionals. The decision may need to be individually considered in the context of personal, religious, or institutional philosophies. Guidance can be gained by consulting professional position statements on roles and responsibilities, such as those promulgated by the American Nurses Association and the International Council of Nurses; various Church organizations; and State Boards that govern health care; among others.

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Later Protestant reformers also supported the right of the state to impose capital punishment.
Death penalty opponents often stress the reality and inevitability of human error as they contend even the smallest risks of wrongful executions justify the abolition of capital punishment.
For those who do espouse capital punishment, I would offer up the suggestion that life imprisonment might be just as effective as capital punishment if you believe in vengeance, and it might also give the person serving the sentence time to come to the Lord.
In chapter seven the author explores capital punishment's continuing place in British culture, examining competing perceptions and understandings and addresses the continuing support for capital punishment particularly in relation to terrorism.
Traditionally, capital punishment has been justified by Christians on the grounds of Genesis 9:6: 'Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed; for God made man in his own image.
As part of the campaign against capital punishment, the French parliament this week organised a seminar that brought together 40 representatives from Africa, North Africa and the Middle East to sensitise people to the issue.
On Friday talking to Online, Secretary General (SG) Jamiat Ulma-e-Islam (JUI-F) Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haidri said, "It will be the biggest cruelty with Pakistan and its people if capital punishment is delayed, it seems that this decision has been also implemented from outside the country".
In addition to MPS, the Moroccan party to the conference includes delegates from human rights advocacy associations, the Moroccan prisons observatory and the network of Moroccan MPS against capital punishment.
YENy DELHy (CyHAN)- Addressing a massive gathering of his followers and literature connoisseurs on the first day of the 6th DSC Jaipur Literature Festival, Nobel laureate and Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama today opposed capital punishment for rapists.
WITH regard to the on-going discussion on capital punishment - how can anyone provide evidence for Mr Gordon Shippey that it will not reduce murder if it does not exist in this country?
MIKE Butler (Letters, June 14) criticises an earlier letter by Arthur Badger saying that Mr Badger had "allowed his heart to overrule his head" on the issue of capital punishment.

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