capital punishment

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Capital punishment is legal in 36 states of the US and is used for certain crimes, usually homicides
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capital punishment

Sentencing a criminal to death and carrying out the sentence via a legal method such as hanging, electrocution, or lethal injection.

Patient care

Whether or not to participate in capital punishment raises challenging ethical concerns for health care professionals. The decision may need to be individually considered in the context of personal, religious, or institutional philosophies. Guidance can be gained by consulting professional position statements on roles and responsibilities, such as those promulgated by the American Nurses Association and the International Council of Nurses; various Church organizations; and State Boards that govern health care; among others.

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One proscribes the use of interstate facilities with the intent to commit multiple murders and is a capital offense where death results.
Damage Controlman Fireman Apprentice Henderson was charged with willfully hazarding a vessel in violation of Article 110, UCMJ, a capital offense. (75) The SPCMCA, the commanding officer of the U.S.S.
Henderson involved a challenge to the jurisdiction of a special court-martial to try a non-mandatory capital offense in the absence of authorization from either the officer exercising general court-martial jurisdiction over the accused or from the Secretary of the Navy--it was not simply a challenge to the "form" of the referral.
Our opposition to death as a penalty for capital offenses is less known to the general public," despite bishops' statements against it.
'Herein petitioner (Ampatuan) was unquestionably charged with 58 counts of a capital offense of murder which, at the same time of its commission as well as application for bail, is punishable by reclusion perpetua to death,' the CA stressed.
Noting that the House seemed to be doing a 'balancing act' by proposing to allow courts to impose death as punishment for heinous crimes, Lacson said more capital offenses should be proposed than limited, and the list of offenses should include plunder.
The Ombudman prosecutors invoked the pronouncements of the Sandiganbayan in its February 19, 2014 resolution that Arroyo's depression because of her detention does not merit her release on bail, especially because she is charged with the capital offense of plunder.
The Administration's omnibus crime bill, now pending in Congress, would make it a capital offense to kill a Federal chicken inspector.
Media faces two major suits: (1) electoral sabotage, a capital offense, in the regional trial court (RTC) of Pasay for her alleged role in the manipulation of the 2007 election results in Maguindanao, and (2) plunder, also a capital offense, in the Sandiganbayan (SBN) for her alleged participation in the illegal use of P366 million in funds of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).
Law-enforcement officials view their horrible task with equanimity: When Frederick Lashley, another brain-damaged convict who committed his capital offense when he was seventeen, was put to death in Missouri late in July, the state's attorney general, Jay Nixon, said, "We feel very comfortable with what the jury and judge decided."
Age and nonflight risk are irrelevant in a bail petition in a capital offense, Baligod said in reaction to a report that the court's decision was issued on humanitarian grounds.
4, 2014, Enrile said he should be allowed to post bail since the prosecution failed to present strong evidence against him and that the charges cannot be considered a capital offense.