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city in Korea where the virus was first isolated.
Seoul virus - a species of Hantavirus causing hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome.
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2 What is the capital of South Korea? 3 What is the currency used in South Korea?
WHAT do the people of Seoul, the capital of South Korea think of Liverpool?
29 Honorary Consulates are functioning in total,C[yen] the Stats Secretary said.Talaibek Kadyrov said diplomatic office of the Kyrgyz Republic in the capital of South Korea will be restructured in the Kyrgyz Embassy.
Serving on the frontline near the Ingin River outside Seoul, the capital of South Korea, he was asked to clear trenches full of the bodies of North Korean soldiers.
First, it is not the capital of South Korea. Since U.S.
HONG KONG - A survey has found the capital of South Korea to be the most expensive Asian city for consumers, followed by three Japanese cities and Hong Kong, local media reported Tuesday.
Finnish airline Finnair Plc said on Tuesday (26 June) that it will introduce direct flights to Seoul, the capital of South Korea, in June 2008.
The duo, armed only with their charm, managed to travel the 5,500 miles to Seoul, the capital of South Korea.
The ap doggedly traced veterans in 130 or so interviews by telephone and in person to produce convincing evidence that American soldiers machine-gunned 200 or more helpless civilians under a giant railroad bridge near No Gun Ri, a village about 100 miles southeast of Seoul, capital of South Korea.