Rouget, Charles M.B.

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Charles M.B., French physiologist, 1824-1904.
Rouget cell - a cell with several slender processes that embraces the capillary wall in amphibia. Synonym(s): capillary pericyte
Rouget muscle - the circular fibers of the ciliary muscle. Synonym(s): circular fibers
Rouget-Neumann sheath - the amorphous ground substance between an osteocyte and the lacunar or canalicular wall.
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Luteal endothelial eNOS immunostaining was closely associated with peri-endothelial (capillary pericyte and arteriolar smooth muscle) VEGF immunostaining.
Modified low-density lipoprotein (mLDL), associated with accelerated atherosclerosis in diabetes, may also induce injury of retinal capillary pericytes [13-16].
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The term haemangiopericytoma was for the first time used by Stout & Murray (1942) to designate a peculiar type of vascular tumour involving capillary pericytes. Zimmermann (1923), pointed out that pericytes are modified SMCs that surround capillaries and modify the diameter of vascular lumen.
Capillary pericytes express one of the major angiogenic growth factors, vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF).
demonstrated that the oxidative stress was induced by modified LDL in DR; that is, the modified LDL exerted toxic effects on the capillary pericytes [20].
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