capillary loop

cap·il·lar·y loop

small blood vessel in the dermal papillae.
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Another payload experiment, this one looking at heat transfer using a capillary loop system, essentially reduces the temperature of fluids circulating around technical equipment.
Numerous glomerular wireloop lesions and hyaline capillary loop thrombi were seen.
Further branching of a simple capillary loop results in forming a more complicated capillary bed, consisting of longitudinally oriented branches interconnected by short capillary segments (Fig.
The glomeruli show a constellation of findings, including a diffuse form with mesangial sclerosis and uniform thickening of capillary loops, nodular lesions recognized as KW lesions, exudative or segmental hyalinosis lesions, and the subcapsular capsular drops.
Renal biopsy, during which 24 glomeruli were examined including four cellular, six fibrocellular, and one fibrous crescent, revealed necrotizing crescentic pauci-immune glomerulonephritis with fibrinoid necrosis in the capillary loops of some glomeruli.
In the 16 cases with positive glomerular C4d staining, 13 had diffusely granular deposition of C4d along the peripheral capillary loops and mesangial areas (Figure 2); 2 cases had diffuse granular deposition of C4d in the tubular basement membrane and mesangial matrix but not in the peripheral capillary loops; and 1 case had focal granular pattern of C4d deposition in the mesangium, peripheral capillaries, and tubular basement membrane.
Essential oils penetrate the skin, reaching into blood capillary loops at the bottom of hair follicles.
The microvascular damage that portends subsequent definite scleroderma follows a characteristic chronologic sequence consisting of enlarged capillary loops, followed by capillary loss, and capillary telangiectasias the rheumatologist explained.
Therefore, it appears that even a single glomerulus with open capillary loops in the tissue for immunofluorescence (IF) and/ or electron microscopy (EM) is sufficient to evaluate for immune complex deposition.
The changes to look for are dilated capillary loops, thrombosed capillary loops, capillary dropout, and cuticular hypertrophy.
As you age, the outermost layer of your skin begins to suffer from a loss of vertical capillary loops that supply much-needed oxygen and nutrients to the skin.
Endothelial tubes begin to form, homing in toward the tumor with the formation of capillary loops.