capillary loop

cap·il·lar·y loop

small blood vessel in the dermal papillae.
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Further branching of a simple capillary loop results in forming a more complicated capillary bed, consisting of longitudinally oriented branches interconnected by short capillary segments (Fig.
BS] remain essentially unchanged along the capillary loop.
B) Parametric data: number of visible capillary loops in every square millimetre (value obtained from the average of the two observations for each examined area); capillary loop calibre (values obtained from the average of the two observations for each examined area).
Numerous glomerular wireloop lesions and hyaline capillary loop thrombi were seen.
The capillary loops opened well, and large periodic acid-Schiff-positive (PAS) materials were distributed in the subcutaneous glomeruli.
Nail findings such as dilated capillary loops with dystrophic and hypertrophied cuticles are also a big clue.
Renal biopsy, during which 24 glomeruli were examined including four cellular, six fibrocellular, and one fibrous crescent, revealed necrotizing crescentic pauci-immune glomerulonephritis with fibrinoid necrosis in the capillary loops of some glomeruli.
B, Marked septal expansion by congested capillary loops.
The changes to look for are dilated capillary loops, thrombosed capillary loops, capillary dropout, and cuticular hypertrophy.
As you age, the outermost layer of your skin begins to suffer from a loss of vertical capillary loops that supply much-needed oxygen and nutrients to the skin.
7-9) Kim and Jeong examined 21 cases of lupus nephritis, all of which showed diffuse granular deposition of C4d along the glomerular capillary loops.