capillary filling

cap·il·lar·y fill·ing

(kap'i-lār-ē fil'ing)
The return of normal color to an area of skin, or a nail bed, after cutaneous capillaries have been emptied of blood by firm digital pressure; the promptness of return is a rough measure of local vascular competence.
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6] Tas NR, Haneveld J, Jansen HV, Elwenapoek, van den Berg A (2004) Capillary filling speed of water in nanochannels.
8220;Customers have requested that we add tools for powder diffraction and capillary filling to our product line,” says Robert Newman, CEO of Mitegen.
In accordance with our results, McCulloch and Kemper showed that VCT effectively promotes capillary filling [6].
VCT effectively prompted capillary filling and therefore helped patients with arterial circulation problems.

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