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Meyer O., 20th-century U.S. physician. See: Cantor tube.
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Jakie's Jewishness is in large part defined by his highly specialized and restricted cantorial training and skill, to say nothing of the heritage of cantorial achievement that he represents for his parents and for the Jewish community (all of whom, it pays to consider, are represented as older, if not indeed elderly), and it's this training, skill, and heritage that serve to differentiate him from Mary; we know he is Jewish--indeed, he knows he's Jewish--because of this body of knowledge and the heritable tradition through which he, setting him apart from Mary and the others in the review, accesses it.
With potential for interest from audiences outside religious studies, the topics are diverse: Paul and the emotional diversity of the Hellenistic meal; the metamorphosis of the monolithic in the Bible to the fragmented in rabbinic thought; emotional excitement in cantorial recitatives; emotional and cognitive rhythms in Jewish ritual music; the McCauley-Lawson theory; and a new method for analyzing emotions in Jewish texts.
Lanzmann also includes a lengthy cantorial rendition of a memorial prayer.
Danny Maseng, an Israeli national and cantorial soloist, known worldwide, served the Congregation from 1994 through 1999.
Klezmer, in its various forms, is a mixture of pre-World War II cantorial Jewish and Yiddish music played throughout eastern European countries, but brought up to date for the 21st century for those who play it.
Old-school cantor group The Afro-Semitic Experience lives up to their name in their new album, Further Definitions of the Days of Awe, a celebration of cantorial music highlighted with elements of jazz, Latin, Afrobeat and soul.
And he would repeat the verse ad nauseam with all the tricks of the cantorial wade trills, falsetto singing, even a cry, a krekhtz, a sigh, a tearful break in the voice at the caesura and at the end of the prayerful sentence, as if he were Rodolfo in Puccini's opera bellowing bathos over his dying Mimi.
Run in co-operation with Tephilharmonic, a society formed to preserve the traditional synagogue music in orthodox congregations, the competition offers the chance to spend a year at the Cantorial Institute in Tel Aviv.
Because he loves Jewish liturgical music, our congregation held a special Shabbat of cantorial music in his honor.
The Chicago hotel room where Bobby and Joey rendezvous is far removed from the apartment on Manhattan's Lower East Side recently purchased by Warren Ives, a commodities trader, and his girlfriend, Lesley Rosen, a publicist, in Ira Levin's Cantorial (1988).
One should also note that the first decade of the 21th century witnesses what we may call a feminization of Judaism, with a majority of rabbinical and cantorial students in the US now female.
109) Millington describes the shrieking and bizarre coloratura effects of Beckmesser's "Serenade" as a parody of the Jewish cantorial style and explains the unusually high tessitura of the part as yet another caricature of Jewish stereotypes.