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 [kan´thus] (pl. can´thi) (L.)
the angular junction of the eyelids at either corner of the eyes. adj., adj can´thal.
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Plural of canthus.
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Plural of canthus.
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Asymmetry can be detected in the frontal view of a patient by noting the relative positional differences of the ears, lateral canthi, and hemimandibles (figure 1).
Palpebral fissure lengths: These were taken from the median to the lateral canthi of the eye.
INTRODUCTION: Waardenburg syndrome is a bunch of hereditary conditions characterized by lateral displacement of the medial canthi combined with dystopia of lacrimal puncta and blepharophimosis, prominent broad nasal root, hypertrichosies of medial part of the eyebrows, white forelock, heterochromia iridis and deaf mutism.
A 4-year-old boy was brought to our otolaryngology clinic a few weeks after his parents had made an incidental discovery of bilateral pits located inferior and medial to the medial canthi (figure 1).
The clefts extended upwards along the alar grooves to the medial canthi bilaterally with coloboma of the lower eyelids.
Revision surgery was successful, and at the 6-month follow-up, his medial canthi were completely symmetrical in all dimensions.
8 out of 20 patient had hypertrophied external scar while 4 cases had damage to the medial canthi.