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Relating to a canthus.
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Relating to a canthus.
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(kăn′thŭs) plural.canthi [Gr. kanthos, angle]
The angle at either end of the slit between the eyelids; the lateral canthus (commissura palpebrarum lateralis) and the medial canthus (commissura palpebrarum medialis).
canthal (-thăl), adjective
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6 This study was conducted to predict the width of maxillary central incisor by equation derived by regression analysis of inner canthal distance and age as predictable values against central incisor width values with respect to different face forms in dentate patients.
A lateral canthotomy and transection of the lateral canthal tendon were performed.
Scar tissues around the canthus under the canthal skin were dissected to reduce the resultant tension and avoid stretch of the tissue attachment.{Figure 1}
Then, medial canthal fixation of the flap is suggested to avoid postoperative ectropion (Figure 10).
In the canthopexy, the lateral canthal tendon is folded over and stabilized with a stitch, but not dispensed with.
In our method, the recurrence rate was reported in 1 (4.8%) lesion, which occurred in a BCC on the medial canthal lesion, infiltrative histopathological subtype with 20 mm diameter.
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[3] Internipple distance, head circumference, inner and outer canthal distance and anteroposterior and transverse ocular distance are some important measurements when diagnosing dysmorphology.
The articles are “An Argument for Closed Canthal Suspension in Aesthetic Lower Blepharoplaty,” an invited commentary on the manuscript “The Sigmoid Upper Blepharoplasty: Redefining Beauty,” and “ A Novel Technique of Jones Tube Fixation for Refractory Tube Extrusion.