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Relating to a canthus.


Relating to a canthus.


(kăn′thŭs) plural.canthi [Gr. kanthos, angle]
The angle at either end of the slit between the eyelids; the lateral canthus (commissura palpebrarum lateralis) and the medial canthus (commissura palpebrarum medialis).
canthal (-thăl), adjective
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Dorsum from pale to dark reddish-brown with numerous small blotches or spots; flanks dark brown to black, with white or bluegreenish spots, sometimes with a yellowish tone; yellow spots on inguinal region; copper or creamy-tan dorsolateral stripe from eye to inguinal region; a dark band below the pale stripe; black canthal band; upper lip dark brown, with white or greenish blue flecks; iris reddish-gold; arms and legs with narrow black bars on a yellowish or tan background; thighs with brown dots on posteroventral surfaces; throat pale gray or yellowish with fine copper flecks; chest and venter yellowish-lemon or cream, sometimes with copper markings (S.
Lower eyelid tone, canthal tilt, closure mechanics, Hertel measurement, and lower lid/inferior limbus relationship are necessary to properly evaluate the tarsoligamentous support structure.
frontoparietals (13) more than 1-1; supraoculars (14) 5-6 or more, or (15) 5-7 or 6-6 or more, or (16) one or more in contact with median head scales on one or both sides; total oculociliaries, on both sides, (17) 19 or more, or (18) 20 or more; canthals (19) with the 1st contacting lorilabials on one or both sides, or (20) abnormal (fused, subdivided, contacting lorilabials, or displaced); preoculars (21) 1-2 or more; lorilabials below subocular (22) in two complete, uninterrupted rows, or (23) reduced to one row by one or more scales on one or both sides.
In preservative, dorsum medium gray with irregular dark brown spots and blotches; brown triangle between the eyes and brown canthal and postocular stripes; irregular brown bars or spots on upper surfaces of limbs, fingers and toes; posterior and anterior surfaces of thighs uniform brown; entire venter translucent cream gray.
RT001 met the primary endpoint of 2-point improvement in lateral canthal line severity on both sides of the face as measured by the investigator.
chaneyi differs by having one canthal instead of two; lacks gular barring or mottling and blue belly patches; shows fusion of some dorsal spots; has a distinct lateral stripe; and has a wider dorsal band between dorsolateral blotches.
RT001 is currently being studied for the treatments within and outside of dermatology, namely lateral canthal lines (crow's feet) and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).
Clinical indications that are being pursued for ANT-1207 include the treatment of lateral canthal lines (Crow's Feet wrinkles), hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), and acne.
The patient underwent a right lateral rhinotomy with wide local excision and primary closure of the right medial canthal soft tissues.
These signs include bloody reflux, epistaxis, and a noncompressible mass above the medial canthal tendon.
The randomized, placebo-controlled, clinical trial is designed to evaluate clinical response rates in patients with moderate to severe lateral canthal lines ("crow's feet").
Patients generally present with intermittent epiphora, pain, and swelling in the medial canthal area.