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Relating to a canthus.


Relating to a canthus.


(kăn′thŭs) plural.canthi [Gr. kanthos, angle]
The angle at either end of the slit between the eyelids; the lateral canthus (commissura palpebrarum lateralis) and the medial canthus (commissura palpebrarum medialis).
canthal (-thăl), adjective
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Next, a self-tapping titanium microscrew was driven into the solid bone on the posterior aspect of the anterior lacrimal crest at attached position of the medial canthal ligament [Figure 1]b.
The lateral canthal tendon is cut, releasing the retinaculum.
Inner canthal distance and geometric progression as a predictor of maxillary central incisor width.
Lateral tarsal strip (LTS): the lateral canthal tendon is tightened by shortening it slightly.
mayorgai given above, by having a larger size, finely granular dorsum, tubercular limbs and flanks; indistinct (or hidden) tympanum with a length about 1/3 that of the eye; tarsal fold more distinct, tarsal tubercle absent, dark canthal band running from eye to eye absent, pale dorsolateral band absent, reddish tinge of the dorsal color, and a bright yellow or lemon-yellow venter.
Lacrimal fluid drains through the puncta into the lacrimal canaliculi and then into the lacrimal sac behind the medial canthal tendon.
Anterior superciliary: AS--the anterior scale in the superciliary series usually bordering the posterior canthal, the upper anterior margin of the orbit, and usually the preocular; it is usually larger than the four to six posterior superciliaries.
Ear and outer canthal pigmentation is present in about one-third of CC patients but also occurs infrequently in Peutz-Jeghers patients.
After this the calcined powder was pressed in a hydraulic press and sintered at various temperatures in normal atmospheric condition (Nabertherm super canthal, Germany) and in Microwave sintering (model sinterware, BHEL, India).
Coloration in alcohol: Dorsal surfaces cream to brown, sometimes devoid of dark markings but usually with reddish brown to dark brown markings; maximally, pattern consists of interorbital bar, occipital W, and sacral and inguinal chevrons as well as slightly oblique limb bars; canthal stripe, supratympanic fold, and two labial bars reddish brown to brown; dark brown to black slanting bars on lower flanks, separating cream spots, similar pattern on anterior surfaces of thighs; posterior surfaces of thighs (and tops of thighs) bearing black bands, separated by cream areas; anal triangle prominent; ventral surfaces cream with faint brown mottling to heavily mottled and reticulated with brown; underside of shank dark brown with cream spots.
palpebral fissures and inner canthal and interpupillary distances) were recorded, and a diagnosis of "FAS," "deferred," or "not FAS" was determined.