bruit de canon

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bru·it de can·on

the loud first heart sound heard intermittently in complete atrioventricular block and in interference-dissociation when the ventricles happen to contract shortly after the atria.
Synonym(s): cannon sound
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References in classic literature ?
Meanwhile, as the little troop drew nearer to Lens, the noise of the cannon sounded louder.
The guests having eaten the soup, were about to lift the first glass of wine to their lips, when all at once the cannon sounded from Fort Louis and Fort Neuf.
"I couldn't get out and play with my friend because of the cannon sound," said Osama Hussein a seven year old boy from Al-Hasaba.
For excellent breakfast recipe ideas, log onto For the chance to win a night at the Balmoral Hotel for your family worth pounds 1000, simply answer this question, What time does the Cannon sound at Edinburgh Castle every day?
What was considerably more startling was (1) the amount of midrange "snap" the cannon shots generated in the main and center channels and (2) the amount of cannon sound that was coming from the surround channels, particularly in the low bass.
When the cannon sounds, it announces that it is time for breaking the fast.
What could be more encouraging to tourism than to return to the days when various outlets could offer a full service during Ramadan, after the evening cannon sounded for Iftar?
Ceremonial cannon sounded 41 blasts when Obama and his wife arrived and he was treated to a tour of the palace portrait gallery and a wonderful state dinner with the Queen.
In doing so, he provides an invaluable service to civilian and military leaders who invariably desire to "reform" the military once the last cannon sounds. While Sun Tzu educated leaders on fighting with swords and crossbows, Linn provides a penetrating discussion of the recurrent internal fighting over which weapons and warfighting concepts will dominate the Army's future way of war.
The main aim when the cannon sounds is to run like hell.
I wouldn't really approve of this - a bit too press-button-ish - but you have to love it when the cannon sounds are mingling so charmingly with the linnet song that comes from the next gallery, Devon Farm Life.