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A box or container; in anesthesiology, the container for carbon dioxide absorbent.
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The most significant is how Newman, a man in short sleeves who brandished a red-hot cannister, emerged unscathed from the attack?
Abdallah Abu Rahmeh, a witness who took part in the protest, said Abu Rahmeh, a distant relative, was talking to soldiers when troops fired the cannisters.
Dods said she stuffed the food back in the cannister and put it in some rocks and was walking back to her tent when the bear returned.
Foot-operated controls, a retractable electric cord, and an on-off switch on the pistol grip permit operation without having to bend down to the cannister. Meanwhile, thanks to the HEPA filter behind the motor, what goes into the dustbag stays in the dustbag.
He had been living as a recluse with his fourth wife in Switzerland, rarely able to go anywhere for the last decade of his life without his oxygen cannister. The Camel-smoking, for-
And on last month's fan chaos at the ground next to Wigan's DW Stadium, in which NUFC fans stormed the pitch, Mr Storey said: "Every time someone goes on to the pitch or lights a smoke cannister or flare, a disciplinary hearing is launched and inevitably we get a substantial fine.
He had already pleaded guilty to attempted robbery and possessing a CS cannister.
Dennis, of Lowergate in Paddock, faces an additional charge of having an offensive weapon, a cannister containing a noxious substance, in a public place.
The cash was put in a cannister and parachuted on to the tanker.
Glen Hughes, 40, made the suicide kit of a plastic bag, elastic bands and a pounds 20 cannister of helium gas.