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A box or container; in anesthesiology, the container for carbon dioxide absorbent.
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Canisters in 2006 led all floor care category volume gains with a 5.
Police swooped after 10 propane gas canisters were delivered to an industrial unit on the Furthergate Industrial Estate.
Eyewitnesses reported that a delivery driver arrived at the gate to Unit One with around five canisters and the two men appeared shortly after 10.
Do this by wafting the scents in other people's canisters toward your nose.
Wrap masking tape around a film canister, Glue colored paper over the tape.
A good indication of Hisamatsu's passion for building quality into his products is the gas canister powering the Ioneat.
Domino Sugar is offering granulated sugar in a plastic four-pound canister in the eastern half of the country and selected additional markets.
We are very concerned about the recent deaths associated with paintball-gun canisters," said CPSC Chairman Hal Stratton.
Although archaeologists have found similar canisters before, this is the first to be intact and covered by a lid.
Sud-Chemie Performance Packaging has launched PharmaKeep[R] oxygen absorbing canisters for the pharmaceutical nad nutraceutical market as part of a joint project with Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.
The warning came as the government was continuing its investigation into two deaths caused by carbon dioxide canisters flying off the guns.
The valve and end cap are easily removed for cleaning, and OptiChamber's more flexible MDI adapter accommodates a wide variety of CFC and HFA canisters, making it easier to implement a common canister protocol.