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A box or container; in anesthesiology, the container for carbon dioxide absorbent.
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Omar saw a teargas canister shot, yet said he did not see "a single uniformed officer" around the square.
The death occurred when a motorcyclist crashed on the road between Bogota and Tunja after being struck by a tear gas canister shot by police, broadcaster Caracol reported.
None of that marching shoulder-to-shoulder, cannon fodder stuff, lugging a 10-pound musket around under a searing summer sun only to find yourself getting wiped away by volley-after-volley of Minie balls and canister shot.
One demonstrator showed a round red mark on his chest, which he said was a tear gas canister shot directly into him.
A canister shot shattered his thigh and he was discharged on a pension of pounds 300 a year.