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A box or container; in anesthesiology, the container for carbon dioxide absorbent.
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''The item, described as a nitrous oxide (NOS) canister, hit a seven-yearold Southampton fan.
The man's head was found around 100m from his body, which had been thrown 10m from where the canister exploded.
A few seconds after the canister comes to rest, a flurry of missiles will drop from the sky.
Butane canisters are cheap alternatives to LPGs and are much more portable.
The pin was identified to have been from a shim in the canister. Shims are used to center the baskets that hold the fuel.
Canisters as wet wipe protectors have ruled retail shelves for decades, particularly in surface wiping applications.
For years, kitchen canisters have been very traditional with no innovative designs, Nguyen said.
"Myself and my sister Marie lifted up the canister. We were all puzzled as to what might be in it.
A teacher, identified as Mohammad Zaoul, was also hit with a teargas canister and injured in his shoulder.
BETHLEHEM, March 15, 2016 (WAFA) - Several Palestinian students suffocated by teargas on Tuesday, while a teacher was injured by a teargas canister, when Israeli troops fired teargas canisters towards a school in the village of Hosan, to the west of Bethlehem, according to local sources.
* Closed sink design protects employees from fluid exposure risks common with traditional suction canister disposal methods.