canine guidance

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ca·nine guid·ance

(kā'nīn gī'dăns)
Occlusion in which occlusal contacts of the cuspids cause contacts of posterior teeth to separate in excursive mandibular movements.
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Several studies have been conducted on different occlusal schemes by various methods to assess increased patient satisfaction.6,9-12 The aim of this study was to compare patient satisfaction and masticatory efficiency of canine guidance over balanced occlusion when employed in complete dentures and this was carried out in a sample of Pakistani population.
Peroz6 states differently that mandibular dentures are better stabilized by canine guidance as they are guided towards the center of the ridge during lateral excursion whereas the same dislodges maxillary dentures.
Using articulating paper the centric occlusal stops are verified and made sure that they are properly and evenly distributed on the functional cusps then the lateral excursion movements is also verified according to bilateral canine guidance. The incisal guidance is also checked for proper amount of posterior disclusion.
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