canine adenovirus 1

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ca·nine ad·e·no·vi·rus 1 (CAV-1),

a virus causing infectious canine hepatitis in dogs. Targets hepatic and ocular cells; causes hepatitis and transient blue eye due to anterior uveitis and corneal edema that sometimes progresses to glaucoma. Intranucleal inclusion bodies develop in hepatocytes. Signs include pyrexia, vomition, leukopenia, anorexia, and painful abdomen. Direct transmission is through infected secretions such as urine. Many infections asymptomatic; not considered a zoonosis.
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Sven, Swedish veterinarian, 1905–.
Rubarth disease - a disease of dogs caused by canine adenovirus 1. Synonym(s): infectious canine hepatitis
Rubarth disease virus - causes infectious canine hepatitis in dogs. Synonym(s): canine adenovirus 1
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