cane sugar

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a sweet carbohydrate of either animal or vegetable origin; the two principal groups are the disaccharides and the monosaccharides.
beet sugar sucrose from sugar beets.
blood sugar
1. glucose occurring in the blood.
2. the amount of glucose in the blood.
cane sugar sucrose from sugar cane.
fruit sugar fructose.
invert sugar a mixture of equal amounts of dextrose and fructose, obtained by hydrolyzing sucrose; used in solution as a parenteral nutrient.
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cane sug·ar

d-sucrose. See: sucrose.
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A nonreducing disaccharide made up of d-glucose and d-fructose obtained from sugar cane, Saccharum officinarum (family Gramineae), from several species of sorghum, and from the sugar beet, Beta vulgaris (family Chenopodiaceae); the common sweetener, table sugar, used in the manufacture of syrup and confections.
Synonym(s): saccharose.
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However, consuming high amounts of either beet or cane sugar can contribute to weight gain and the development of chronic conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease and liver problems.
Raw cane sugar for the FY 2019 TRQ may enter the United States starting October 1, 2018 until September 30, 2019.
* Sugar 2.0 is made with non-gmo cane sugar, whereas competitors use artificial sweeteners in the form of saccharine, sucralose and aspartame to imitate the taste of real sugar.
Add to this a hint of clean lime and a splash of golden rum, made from that wonderful cane sugar, and you have a brilliant summery cake that will whisk you across the globe in a mouthful.
According to the report, quoted on Tuesday by the local media, the fourth quarter importation of semi-milled or wholly-milled rice in packaging of more than five kilogrammes or in bulk stood at 56.91 billion naira, while raw cane sugar in solid form was said to have taken 31.24 billion naira.
"We think the cake hotel perfectly captures the excitement, inspiration and expertise behind the creation of our new range of golden and brown cane sugars. The Taste Experience range is about more than just adding sweetness; it's about subtle flavour differences, texture and appearance.
With manufactures looking for a replacement for cane sugar and artificial sweeteners, Stevia is rising in popularity.
Cane sugar refiners claim that EU rules are biased towards domestic beet processors that are protected by high import duties.
The ice creams are made using the unique ingredient panela, unrefined Colombian whole cane sugar, which creates a rich depth of flavour similar to caramel.
ASR is the world's largest cane sugar refining company, with global production capacity of 7 million tons of refined sugar annually.
Some sugar plants continue to process imported cane sugar when the beet season is over.
Beet is mostly grown in the Nile Delta region while cane sugar is grown in southern Egypt.