cane sugar

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a sweet carbohydrate of either animal or vegetable origin; the two principal groups are the disaccharides and the monosaccharides.
beet sugar sucrose from sugar beets.
blood sugar
1. glucose occurring in the blood.
2. the amount of glucose in the blood.
cane sugar sucrose from sugar cane.
fruit sugar fructose.
invert sugar a mixture of equal amounts of dextrose and fructose, obtained by hydrolyzing sucrose; used in solution as a parenteral nutrient.

cane sug·ar

d-sucrose. See: sucrose.

cane sugar

sucrose from sugar cane.


A nonreducing disaccharide made up of d-glucose and d-fructose obtained from sugar cane, Saccharum officinarum (family Gramineae), from several species of sorghum, and from the sugar beet, Beta vulgaris (family Chenopodiaceae); the common sweetener, table sugar, used in the manufacture of syrup and confections.
Synonym(s): saccharose.

cane sugar,

n sucrose derived from sugarcane
(Saccharum officinarum), the chemical formula of which is C12 H22 O11. This is used in both solid and syrupy homeopathic medicines.
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The firm also provides cane sugar as an ingredient to manufacturers which is not yet included in the Fairtrade conversion plan.
Sweetening its sodas with cane sugar instead of HFCS "truly differentiates Jones and provides the consumer with a healthier alternative," Peter van Stolk, the company's president and chief executive, said in announcing the switch.
Pure Cane Sugar is a natural ingredient as opposed to HFCS, "and has a positive perception in the consumer's mind," said Jones, which will be selling the product under the name Jones Pure Cane Soda
Comparatively, cane sugar produced in tropical regions costs between $90 and $150 per ton to produce.
As Europe's main cane sugar refiner, we act as the most important bridge to Europe for African, Caribbean and Pacific and other countries.
Last but by no means least, the bill offers loan guarantees of up to $250 million per project to produce fuel from cellulosic biomass and cane sugar.
These include (1) a 20 percent tax on the transfer or importation of soft drinks and other beverages that use sweeteners other than cane sugar (such as beet sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)); (2) a 20 percent tax on services related to the transfer of such beverages (such as commissions and brokerage); and (3) specific book-keeping requirements as to such taxes.
Unlike some artificial sweeteners, the product, made from sugars occurring naturally in fruits, vegetables, corn, and dairy products, as well as a trace of sucralose, features no giveaway aftertaste, and cooks and bakes just like cane sugar.
Swiss Research, a division of Health Sciences Group, has introduced a new zero calorie sweetener named Shugr, which it describes as tasting like cane sugar and also providing the mouthfeel of cane sugar.
GuS prefers cane sugar, it is 1/3-2/3 less sweet than a typical soda and offers up flavors like Extra Dry Ginger Ale, Dry Valencia Orange or Dry Meyer Lemon.
The Ledbury plant produces a range of speciality sugars for the pharmaceutical industry, milled from cane sugar.
Muddle lime wedges and raw brown cane sugar in a mixing glass until juice and pulp are released from wedges.