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Diane has worked in long-term care (LTC) for most of her career, starting off as a candy-striper in her youth.
One such candy-striper we'll call Candy here, almost caused me to split my stitches.
If you ever wind up crunched in a hospital bed, I hope you get a real, jumper-wearing, freckle-flecked, big-eyed, wide-grinning candy-striper like mine.
I didn't have any significant introduction to the profession, other than that I had been a candy-striper in the hospital snack bar.
Larsen had worked at the hospital since the late 1960s, first as a candy-striper, a teenage volunteer, and then as a registered nurse after she got her degree at Lane Community College.
bodysnatched and the inane candy-stripers & the greedy and the
Not merely the historic sort, mind you, performed by candy-stripers and rural fire departments, but the kind undertaken by folks looking at birds, ants, and other wildlife.