luminous intensity

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lu·mi·nous in·ten·si·ty (I),

the luminous flux per unit solid angle in a given direction.
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lu·mi·nous in·ten·si·ty

(I) (lū'mi-nŭs in-ten'si-tē)
The luminous flux per unit solid angle in a given direction.
Synonym(s): radiant intensity.
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intensity, luminous

Quotient of the luminous flux leaving the source, propagated in an element of solid angle containing the given direction, divided by the element of solid angle. Symbol: I. Unit: candela (CIE).
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And the result of all this self-indulgent pampering, preening and primping doesn't hold a one candle-power bulb to yesteryear's film goddesses, such as Ava Gardner, left, Audrey Hepburn or Julie Christie - even caught unawares on their days off.
Powered by two C-cell alkaline batteries, it features a pre-focused Xenon bulb and a mirror-finish reflector that puts out a 30,000 candle-power beam.
The ban, designed to husband precious stocks of coal, applies not only to candle-power, but to candles.
Type I is a two-way lateral distribution having a preferred lateral width of 15 degrees in the cone of maximum candle-power. The two principal light concentrations are in opposite directions along a roadway.
The four-square case housing the movement has opening side panels just like those in early candle-powered lamps.
Though there wasn't much to see, since candle-powered TV sets hadn't been invented.