cancer virus

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cancer virus

Oncogenic virus, see there.
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Q. Can the flu give you lung cancer? I heard that some viruses can give you cancer, is it true? And can I get lung cancer from the flu?

A. First of all- viruses don't "spread" cancer- they cause is. Second – there are very few viruses known to man that can cause cancer and the Flu is not one of them. Some viruses can insert their genetic material inside our infected cells genome, and sometimes they insert it in the middle of an important gene that helps us prevent cancer. When it does so it stops our cell defense system against cancer and cancer can evolve.

Q. Should I Vaccinate My Daughter Against HPV? I have a 12 year old daughter. Her School wants all the girls aged 12 and up to be vaccinated against HPV. A lot of Parents are against this vaccine. I want to know more about this vaccine and if I should vaccinate my daughter.

A. before you would like to go on with any vaccination, you should check out this very long list of links:

at the bottom you will also find links in english. vaccinations in general are very disputable/dubious and it is probably time that we learn about it.

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But the Nobel Committee had decided to include recognition of the cervical cancer virus discovery.
Looming large on this summer's slate is "The Accidental Spy," a tale starring Jackie Chan as an investigator locked in a cat-and-mouse search for a mysterious lung cancer virus.
The virus is implicated in cervical cancer cases worldwide and it is the most important cancer virus in Britain.
There are the medical researchers who are convinced that a yet unidentified virus is the culprit (not unlike the grant seekers who have extracted millions of dollars in pursuit of the "cancer virus," the "AIDS virus" and the many other undiscovered viruses that are invoked when no other explanation can be found at the time).
Suzuki's trilogy reaches its towering height of terror in Birthday's third story, "Happy Birthday." This time another pregnant woman, Reiko Sugiura whose lover Kaoru Futumi has disappeared into the American desert "to eradicate the cancer virus that had brought the human race to the edge of extinction" questions the wisdom of bringing a child into the world.
Blood infected with a deadly cancer virus may have been given to thousands of hospital patients.
Despite expense and effort, no one was able to isolate a cancer virus from human tumor cells during that initial push; there arose "a lot of skepticism about viruses as a cause of cancer," DeVita sys today.

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