cancer symptom

cancer symptom

Any objective change attributable to a malignancy—e.g., marked and rapid weight loss, changed bowel or bladder habits, non-healing ulcers, abnormal bleeding or discharge, lumps in breast, prolonged dyspepsia, dysphagia, recent changes in a pigmented lesion, persistent cough or blood in sputum.
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cancer symptom

Any change attributable to a malignancy–eg, marked and rapid weight loss, changed bowel or bladder habits, nonhealing ulcers, abnormal bleeding or discharge, lumps in breast, dyspepsia, dysphagia, recent changes in a pigmented lesion, persistent cough
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Patient discussion about cancer symptom

Q. What are the symptoms of tongue cancer? I have a white patch on my tongue for quite a while. I tried scratching it off but it starts bleeding. Is it cancer?

A. The symptoms of tongue cancer may include:
A red or white patch on the tongue, that will not go away
A sore throat that does not go away
A sore spot on the tongue that does not go away
Pain when swallowing
Numbness in the mouth that will not go away
Unexplained bleeding from the tongue (that is, not caused by biting your tongue or other injury)
Pain in the ear (rare)
However, don't be alarmed as these symptoms may be due to a less serious medical condition. But it is important to check symptoms with your GP just to make sure.

Q. What are the symptoms of mouth cancer? I have an ulcer in my mouth that won't go away, could it be cancer?

A. Have you had this ulcer for a long time? over 3 weeks?
If so, consult your GP however don't be alarmed as it isn't necessarily cancer, though it's always better to check it out and not neglect it.

Q. What are the Early Symptoms of Colon Cancer? My Father is 82 years old and has been suffering from rectal bleeding lately. The doctor sent him to an urgent colonoscopy in order to rule out colon cancer. Are there early symptoms to this disease?

A. Colon cancr signs vary depending on the exact location of the tumor, for instance a lower tumor that is located in the rectum might cause rectal bleeding and one that is located in the right side of the colon might grow and cause anemia.
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