cancer surgery

cancer surgery

The surgical excision of a malignancy.

cancer surgery

Surgical oncology Surgical excision of a malignancy. See Operable cancer, Resectable cancer.

Patient discussion about cancer surgery

Q. I want to know that is my surgery safe to keep me off from the next chances of cancer?How long will I be safe? I had a mammogram last week and they had found some lumps which was removed by lumpectomy. I have seen some women with breast cancer, with the reversal of breast cancer. I wanted to know that is my surgery safe to keep me off from the next chances of cancer? How long will I be safe? I think something will happen again.

A. Well…chances in the reversal of breast cancer after lumpectomy are possible in the future. Some women who are treated by surgery like lumpectomy only, are on a high risk for the cancer to reverse. Anyone treated with other treatments like radiation therapy, chemotherapy or hormone therapy has comparatively very less chance. The cancer can even reverse as an invasive cancer. Though many reoccur with 5 - 10 years after diagnosis.

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13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Holy Redeemer Health System is the first hospital in the Northeast region recognized as a Center of Excellence for Hidden Scar(TM) Breast Cancer Surgery.
A STUDY on the effect of physiotherapy on women after breast cancer surgery is being led by Warwick University.
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We aim to start oncohaematology, head and neck cancer surgery and oncopathology units in the second phase at a cost of Rs 142 crore.
Summary: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is still suffering a "severe" respiratory infection as he struggles to recover from cancer surgery.
Overall the number who died within 90 days of bowel cancer surgery fell for a fourth year, to 5.
CARACAS, Venezuela, Rabi'II 24, 1433, Mar 17, 2012, SPA -- President Hugo Chavez held an energetic homecoming celebration on Saturday, rallying thousands of supporters from a balcony of the presidential palace after nearly three weeks in Cuba for cancer surgery, AP reported.
The study enrolled 96,000 women who had primary breast cancer surgery; 55,000 of these women had breast-conserving cancer surgery.

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