cancer staging

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can·cer stag·ing

(kan'sĕr stājing)
Assessment of spread of cancerous tumors (e.g., TNM staging, with T referring to tumor size and extension, N lymph node involvement, and M the presence or absence of metastasis).
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Cancer staging

Determining the course and spread of cancer.
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Patient discussion about cancer staging

Q. Does staging in breast cancer is linked to metastasis and what is the use of staging?

A. stages in cancer tell of it's progress. is it benign, does it have a capsule, did it metastasized and all that. but if you are looking for more accurate and more information on that in general:

this should do it!

Q. I don’t know what situation this stage of cancer will put her in? my friend `s sister is diagnosed with second stage of breast cancer. They say it is advanced and has happened due to her hormonal changes. She had her treatment with chemotherapy recently. Her hormone based treatment is still to be given. Her family is in terrible condition. She was the soul of her family. She has always kept us happy and she was the one who did take absolute care of family members. She is lovable in nature and innocent. I don’t know what situation this stage of cancer will put her in?

A. I am sorry. But don’t worry. This stage cancer can be treated well. They have treated her with chemotherapy and now she will be treated with anti-estrogen therapy. It is used for its protective effect on the non cancerous breast tissue. No problem it can be treated. Many have been treated well and she will also get well.

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