cancer of mouth

cancer of mouth

Oral cancer, see there.
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Q. What is Mouth cancer? My grandfather has been diagnosed with mouth cancer. What is it? Is it dangerous?

A. Cancer of the mouth is dangerous as are all cancers. The earlier this cancer is detected, the better the survival rates are. If the cancer is caught in the first stage the survival rates can go up to 90% of patients surviving five years and most of these will be cured.

Q. What are the symptoms of mouth cancer? I have an ulcer in my mouth that won't go away, could it be cancer?

A. Have you had this ulcer for a long time? over 3 weeks?
If so, consult your GP however don't be alarmed as it isn't necessarily cancer, though it's always better to check it out and not neglect it.

Q. What is radiotherapy? My Grandfather had a surgery to remove a cancerous tumor on his cheek. He now needs to undergo radiotherapy. What is this? what are its side effects?

A. Generally, radiotherapy causes tiredness and sore, red skin in the area being treated. This is a bit like sunburn. Radiotherapy to the neck can damage the thyroid gland. Other side effects include: a sore throat- due to mouth ulcers, pain on swallowing,
a dry mouth- due to damage caused to the salivary glands (which are in charge of making the saliva), taste changes, a hoarse voice and effect on the sense of smell.

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Deficiencies of antioxidant, vitamins and nutrients have been postulated as co-factors in carcinogenesis, more specifically cancer of mouth, larynx and esophagus have been related to the low intake of fruits and vegetables.
She said that Cervical cancer is the cancer of mouth of uterus which is a curable disease and can be controlled through vaccination .
Tobacco is the cause of at least 85 percent case of long cancer of mouth throat, kidney bladder and stroke besides chronic bronchitis and emphysema.
DANGER ZONES MOUTH: Causes cancer of mouth, tonsils and larynx.