cancer en cuirasse

can·cer en cui·rasse

a carcinoma that involves a considerable portion of the skin of one or both sides of the thorax.
[Fr. breastplate]
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12) In general, eight specific clinical patterns associated with cutaneous breast cancer are known: cancer en cuirasse, inflammatory metastatic carcinoma (carcinoma erysipelatodes), (1,13) carcinoma teleangiectaticum, (14) alopecia neoplastica, (15,16) Paget's disease, (17,18) breast carcinoma of the inframammary crease, (19) metastatic mammary carcinoma of the eyelid with histiocytoid histology, (20) nodular metastases, (21,22) and mucinous adenocarcinoma metastatic to the skin (1).
We report a typical case of cancer en cuirasse in a 36 years old female who presented with diffuse erythema and scaly nodular lesions over the left breast axilla neck and arm.
Cancer en cuirasse is a rare cutaneous manifestation of breast cancer.
4 These cutaneous metastases can occur in form of nodules and/or papules or telangiectatic lesions in more than 90% cases and cancer en cuirasse accounts for only about 2-3 % of such lesions.
Cancer en cuirasse most commonly appears as a local recurrence after a few months or years of mastectomy for breast cancer.
Breast fibromatosis (also called extra-abdominal desmoid tumor) is an uncommon differential diagnosis of cancer en cuirasse.
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