cancer detection

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cancer detection

Any maneuver intended to identify cancer in an asymptomatic person. See Cancer screen, Cancer screening guidelines.
Cancer detection
Changes in bowel or bladder habits, nonhealing sores, unusual bleeding or discharges, new lumps in the breast or any other part of the body, indigestion or difficulty swallowing, change in the appearance of a pigmented lesions, persistent cough or hoarseness
Palpation of breast, lymph nodes, rectal examination for prostate
Various endoscopies, imaging–CXR in high-risk Pts, pap smear, fecal occult blood
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Patient discussion about cancer detection

Q. How would one detecte a concern of breast cancer?

A. self examination is a big and crucial part of detecting breast cancer. it is said that every women should self examine herself every week after the age of 50. but if you have family history - you should start in a younger age. here is how to do so and what you should notice:

Q. Please help me to help him to know the best way of detecting breast cancer? One of my friends who is very poor recently met an accident and spent his whole wealth to recover his health. But he doesn’t have any debts till now. To his shock he doubts that his wife suffers from breast cancer. Now he doesn’t have enough money to go for costly tests. He can’t share this grief with his better half. So please help me to help him to know the best way of detecting breast cancer?

A. I feel pity for him by being in his shoes. Really he is lucky to have you as his friend. Actually never DOUBT any disease. Check and confirm it by meeting your family doctor. Its not always lumps, Sometimes there will just be a change in the nipple. MRI is the best way to go; some types of breast cancer do not show up on mammograms. Concerns can be addressed to the doctor who can check and order appropriate testing. You have places to get tests done at minimum cost. There are increasing numbers of mobile breast cancer screening units around the country. You can also seek help from any charities. If you are worried however, I suggest you contact your GP.

Q. How can you know if a mole is a skin cancer or not? I'm only 15, but I’ve had this small thing on my right shoulder for a reeeeaaaally long time. It's the same color as my skin. It’s smaller than the head of a pencil eraser, perfectly round, and its smooth. I've never worried about it seriously, until about a week ago, when I read an article in a magazine about skin cancer. Even then I wouldn't have worried about it, because It didn't really match any of the symptoms, except one. It did bleed once about 2 1/2 years ago. And it said bleeding was a big sign I don't know, what do you think? And please try and say something other than," go have it checked out". Because I currently have no insurance. Thanks :]

A. If I’m not mistaken- there are clinics that do free checkups for skin cancer. I know that in my town there are couple. Here is a link I got when I googled “do free checks for skin cancer”:
look for one near your home.

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As we work to deliver life-changing innovations in earlier cancer detection, her experience and perspectives will be essential to helping us develop practical next-generation tests for the screening, diagnosis and monitoring of cancers."
In order to increase the cancer detection rate of prostate biopsy, various schemes have been applied in time such as sextant biopsy, extended biopsy and saturation biopsy (9).
Yissum reported on Monday the launch of a strategic research collaboration with GRAIL Inc, a healthcare cancer detection company.
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PINKtober is a breast cancer awareness month, which aims to disseminate information regarding breast cancer detection. The event was attended by people from all walks of life who were advocators of the campaign against breast cancer.
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We found that as the prostate volume increased, the core numbers increased; therefore, these factors elevated the cancer detection rate.
"Diabetes and cancer detection drugs will be manufactured from the facility to be set up in Bahrain and will certainly help scores of patients in the region," said SBI Pharmaceuticals assistant manager in Bahrain Yusuke Asama.