cancer, fear of

cancer, fear of

Cancerphobia, see there.
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Q. I also fear that if my case is diagnosed as Breast Cancer how can I achieve my dreams? I am a Mechanical Student currently in my second year. It is very rare to find a girl pursuing this course. In fact, all my friends and well wishers too have advised me that it may be tough for a girl pursuing this course of study. I am a very stubborn girl very much firm in my opinion. For the recent past months, I fear that I may be having a breast cancer. I have lethal classes which I always found to be difficult. Of late, I could see a lump in the under arm area which is painful when touched. I fear that this may be due to the heavy workout which I had to do as per my curriculum. I have got so many dreams to be achieved in the near future and this worry is causing me greater concern that I am not able to concentrate in my studies and my performance in the college has also declined to the significant level. I feel that this needs to be diagnosed without any further delay. I also fear that if my case is diagnosed as Breast Cancer how can I achieve my dreams and lead a full-fledged life? Please advise me suitably….

A. as jenniferLinda said -there's little to worry about. a lump under the arm can be from many things...there are lymph nodes over there and every viral infection can cause swelling.

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Once a woman knows she carries a gene that elevates her risk of breast cancer, fear of the disease can take over her whole life and often the only way to get back any control is to take the extreme, but highly effective, move of removing both breasts.
The variables that were significant predictors of compliance included perceived susceptibility to breast or colon cancer, fear of developing either cancer, perceived benefits of and barriers to screening, family history, body mass index, age, marital status, and education level.
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