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/nat·u·ral/ (nach´ah-r'l) neither artificial nor pathologic.

family planning, natural

methods of preventing conception without the use of artificial contraceptive means. Also called fertility awareness methods. See also contraception.


Substance abuse A substance causing euphoria and analgesia at the desired abuse levels and physical dependence and CNS depression, stupor, coma and death in excess. See Opiates.
Narcotic types
Natural Products extracted from the poppy plant, yielding morphine and heroin, or the coca plant, yielding cocaine and crack
Semi-synthetic Products with opiate activity, eg meperidine and methadone or synthetics, see MPTP; under the umbrella term of narcotic, alkaloids, eg LSD, mescaline, barbiturates, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, hallucinogens and stimulants, eg antidepressants.
Completely synthetic Products created by synthesis alone, eg fentanyl  


occurs in nature, without the intervention of humans.

natural experiments
occur by chance when all variables for a population are constant except one, which is different for one large part of the population compared with the other, e.g. when half of a flock comes from one climate and the other half is a local resident in another climate.
natural focus
the ecology that is best suited to a biological system, e.g. an individual insect-borne disease; the area in which the disease naturally flourishes best; an ecological niche.
natural history
history of a process or organism as it occurs in nature, e.g. course of a disease from infection to resolution.
natural killer (NK) cell
see natural killer cell.
natural selection
selection occurring in nature, without any human intervention, direct or indirect.
natural ventilation
ventilation without the use of artificially induced energy and the machines which it drives; the forces used are wind and the exchange of heat from within the barn and the external air, controlled by ventilation devices in the walls and the ceiling.

Patient discussion about natural

Q. What is the best natural cure for migraines? Every day I hear something else... would love it if you can share your experience...I'm sick of chemicals:)

A. stay off any products that have a any kind of a caffine content, including chocolate. try this for 3wks, ypu should notice a difference

Q. Is there a recommended natural cure for graves disease? I've been suffering from graves for a year now and really feel tired of it. I'm thinking of trying some natural medications cause the regular ones are dissapointing so far. Any experience with that??

A. I am not familiar with any natural supplements you can take for graves disease, furthermore, it is an illness where you should be on close monitoring of an endocrinologist, and have them tell you which medications you are allowed to take and what could make the situation worse. If regular treatment doesn't seem to help you much you should go for another check up to see how your thyroid is doing.

Q. Is there a natural cure for hpv?

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He added that while the National Guard should continue military exercises, the mutual agreement to cancel the scheduled exercises was within the framework of the peace negotiations.
Customarily, a contract will not contain a provision that gives a purchaser the right to cancel the transaction if they cannot sell their current apartment.
It should be removed from the contract, allowing me to cancel my membership.
Cancel approximately 250 linear meters of concrete curb stone, dispose
It must be easy to read and some of the information should include: your right to cancel; a tear-off slip which you can use to cancel; the trader's name; if the sale was bought on credit, it must explain that the credit agreement will also be automatically cancelled if you cancel the sale.
Health trusts in the North-East have been forced to cancel 660 planned procedures during the quarter ending June 30, according to statistics from the Department of Health.
We don't know if (the threats) are credible, but we wanted to err on the side of caution so we decided it would be wise to cancel the game,'' Mojave Superintendent Larry Phelps said.
A BA spokeswoman said yesterday: 'We are not expecting any further disruption after today and the reason there have been problems today is a knock-on effect from yesterday when we had technical problems with three aircraft and had to cancel 22 other flights because of staff shortages.
It is not uncommon for a corporation to cancel a debt owed to it by its subsidiary, particularly as preparation for a potential disposition.
Due to non-completion of work within the prescribed time, the National Assembly Standing Committee on House and Library has suggested to cancel the project and blacklist the company.
Both hospital trusts will only cancel elective or planned operations if there is a shortage of beds or a surge in emergency admissions which have to take priority.