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Relating to a canaliculus.
[L. canaliculus, small channel, dim. fr. canalis, canal, + suffix -ar, pertaining to]
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Relating to a canaliculus.
[L. canaliculus, small channel, dim. fr. canalis, canal, + suffix -ar, pertaining to]
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(kăn″ă-lĭk′ū-lŭs) plural.canaliculi [L. canalicularis]
A small channel or canal. In bone or cementum, such channels radiate out from lacunae and anastomose with canaliculi of neighboring lacunae.

lacrimal canaliculus

In the eye, one of two short curved ducts, inferior and superior, beginning at the lacrimal punctum along the edge of each eyelid and carrying tears from the lacrimal lake into the lacrimal sac.
canalicular (-lĭk′ū-lăr), adjective
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More recently, we demonstrate how the transfer rates across sinusoidal and canalicular membranes generate hepatocyte concentrations, and that the liver flow rates alter these concentrations by modifying Gd-BOPTA clearances across the sinusoidal membrane.
(1,3,4,10,20) Considering that canaliculotomy may lead to narrowing and scarring of the canalicular lumen, lacrimal pump dysfunction, and canalicular fistulas, some investigators recommend canalicular curettage alone or with the less invasive procedure of canaliculoplasty.
Nos fetos com cinco meses de gestacao, os pulmoes estavam na fase canalicular, com o septo conjuntivo formado por TC frouxo e vascularizado (Figura 1C).
(136) A few studies have demonstrated a canalicular clusterin staining pattern in 54% to 75% of HCCs.
* 90.91% eyes had NLD block and 9.09% eyes had common canalicular block in failed endonasal DCR cases.
This choleretic action of fibrates mainly bezafibrate was further attributed to enhancement in canalicular membrane fluidity (opposing EE
Bile acids account for this increase: They induce alkaline phosphatase synthesis and exert a detergent effect on the canalicular membrane, allowing leakage into serum [126,134].
Proper management of canalicular lacerations require thorough knowledge of the anatomy of the lacrimal drainage system, eyelids and periorbital structures, careful examination for associated ocular injury and prompt referral to a team of subspecialists when complicated lacerations are encountered.
Etiology Silicon Medpor tube coated tube (n = 8) (n = 11) Idiopathic canalicular obstruction 4 7 Punctum agenesis 1 1 Functional obstruction secondary 0 1 to external DCR Canalicular obstruction secondary 0 2 to ichthyosis Traumatic upper lacrimal system 1 0 damage Upper or middle lacrimal system 1 0 excision secondary to tumor surgery Upper or middle lacrimal system 1 0 damage secondary to multidiode laser DCR TABLE 3: The comparative advantages and disadvantages of both tubes.
ABCB4 codes for multidrug resistance protein 3 (MDR3), which transports phosphatidylcholine from the inside to the outside of liver cell canalicular membrane.
[18] The typical pattern of liver enzyme abnormality is mixed with moderate elevation of transaminases, but a far more significant rise in the canalicular enzymes.