canal obturation

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canal obturation filling of a root canal completely and densely with a nonirritating hermetic sealing agent.
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The current case showed that ERRM is not only successful in creating an apical barrier in a nonvital immature permanent tooth for root canal obturation but also able to promote continued root growth.
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The sealing of root canal obturation with EndorezA is sensitive to the last irrigation solution used.
NSCH is often used for prolonged periods in root canals for disinfection and for the establishment of a hard tissue barrier to facilitate root canal obturation in non-vital immature incisors.
Therefore, the aim of this study was to determine the effect of CHX and DMSO as final irrigant on microleakage of root canal obturation with two different sealers immediately and after 18 months.
However, radiographic technical quality of the root canal obturation in terms of length and density was almost same in rotary and manual instrumentation technique.
However, previous studies showed that incomplete removal of CH before completion of canal obturation results in it functioning as a barrier between the root canal sealer and dentin walls, thus increasing sealer penetration into the dentinal tubules (3,20).