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He can't help it - and there's certainly nothing wrong with it - but Boorman should recognize that his artistic temperament is not geared for reconciliation.
But the movie, however it turns out, can't help but have political overtones.
The absent father, we can't help but assume, is just a selfish jerk.
Sometimes, you can't help wondering if clubs are just shuffling cash between each other.
While I can't help feeling the Canadian team would have been more suited to starting life one division higher in the Championship, looking from the outside you can't help but be impressed by the whole operation.
Regardless of what kind of relationship they really are into, or whether they will end up happily ever after as husband and wife, their latest film 'Can't Help Falling in Love' is doing well, showing now in theaters for their legions of fans who can't help falling for whatever-it-is themselves.
I've been seeing somebody really nice for a year but I keep him at arm's length and I can't help comparing him to my ex, who I still think of as the love of my life.
I WISH David Moyes well at Sunderland but I can't help thinking Sean Dyche would have been a better appointment.
But on a weekend after a Champions League game you can't help but wonder if they might take their eye othe ball.
actors tell 'the stories from 150 years ago can't help but give goosebumps.
The 29-year-old sprinter, who is currently preparing for the Tour de France, said: "You can't help but be can't help but be Y inspired by what our servicemen do for our country, what they put up with while they're in service and when they finish.

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