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You've had pain in your big toe and now it's affecting your ankle so badly you can't bear anything to touch the skin.
I can't bear to be in the same room when he's drunk
The schemer is gutted when he overhears Eileen say she can't bear the person he's turned into, and Tony gives him PS50 to leave town, but he ends up drowning his sorrows instead, until Eva offers him a place to offers him a place to E stay.
I can't bear it when my Chelsea supporter friend rings up on the pretext of nothing in particular and then makes barbed remarks about the slim chances of my boys picking up any silver.
Melbourne, June 17 ( ANI ): Hillary Clinton, the former US Secretary of State, has revealed that she can't bear any sexist remarks or misogyny, referring to Julia Gillard's recent speech.
death of Belle's best friend Gemma continues, Gemma's grieving father Dom can't bear to hear more evidence about the night his daughter died and he rushes out of the courtroom.
I can't bear the thought of being connected all the time.
JUST CAN'T BEAR TO LOOK One young fan can't watch as Dublin take a penalty against Cork.
Summary: WASHINGTON - US President Barack Obama put the blame squarely on Republicans for the failure so far to agree a deal to avert the fiscal cliff crisis, saying they can't bear to raise taxes on the rich.
I might stand a chance of getting a few answers correct" Actor Sir Roger Moore's Mastermind specialist subject "I can't bear things that don't have comedy.
In principle, it's fine, but if someone wants to leave this earth as they can't bear to live the way they are with no quality of life, in my opinion so be it.
"What I Can't Bear Losing" is a collection of wise essays from Gerald Stern, with a large assortment of essays reflecting on his long and experienced life, on everything from his family and his faith to romance and his encounters with other notable figures of the twentieth century.