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Static, often marked forward flexion of the trunk; usually a manifestation of conversion reaction.
[G. kamptos, bent, + kormos, trunk of a tree]
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bent spine syndrome

A condition characterised by weakness of the paraspinal muscles, which is more common in advancing age and associated with fatty degeneration of the erector spinae muscles.

Inflammatory myopathies, metabolic disorders and, rarely, genetic degenerative muscle disorders due to mutations of RYR1 (ryanodine receptor), D4Z4 (facioscapulohumeral dystrophy) and DYSF.
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Static, often marked forward flexion of the trunk; usually manifestation of conversion reaction.
Synonym(s): camptospasm.
[G. kamptos, bent, + kormos, trunk of a tree]
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Today camptocormia is most often ascribed to neuromuscular diseases (Parkinsonism, ALS, myasthenia gravis, and a variety of myopathies) which occur largely in the elderly population.
The first description of camptocormia in western medical literature is often attributed to Brodie in the 1800s.
Sir William Gowers in 1904 suggested that back pain might be due to fibromuscular inflammation, presaging some of the current thinking about camptocormia [2].
During WWI reports of camptocormia occurring in soldiers were published by Souques [3].
Beginning in the 1960s, scattered reports appeared, initially describing camptocormia as a psychogenic illness.
Bu yazida, sirt agrisi ve postur bozuklugu nedeniyle degerlendirilen ve nadir rastlanan camptocormia tanisi konulan bir olgu literatur esliginde sunuldu.
Camptocormia, klinik olarak ekstansor kaslarin progresif gucsuzlugunden kaynaklanan istemsiz asiri govde fleksiyonu ile karakterizedir.
[2'3'14] Klinik olarak camptocormia tanisi dusunulen hastalardan sekonder hastaliklar acisindan oncelikli olarak; hemogram, ESR, CRP, RF, CK, elektrolitler, TFT, PTH, vitamin D3 istenmelidir.
Sonuc olarak, camptocormia klinik pratikte nadir gorulur.
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